The Why & What

The following is an in-depth explanation of the issues listed in the
Vegan Bill of Consistent Anti-Oppression.
These are issues that continue to keep all of us from being able to do the best we can for nonhumans.
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Before reading the following discussion… 
It is imperative that vegans understand that vegans from different communities experience veganism differently from one another, particularly due to intersecting oppressions that they cannot leave at the door simply because they are engaging in veganism/Animal Rights. For example, there is a difference between speciesism as experienced by white vegans and “racialized speciesism” (read more on this in the section Making Connections “in the name of food” by Julia Feliz Brueck in Food Justice: A Primer), which means People of Color even have a completely  different experience and relationship with speciesism beyond the basic definition experienced by white folks. Therefore, the following guidelines are primarily addressed to the mainstream white and non-Black majority in order to help the movement become consistently anti-oppression by working with local activists, supporting vegans of color and other marginalized people reach their own (the world’s majority), and becoming aware that veganism will remain stagnant if it continues as it is.
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The Discussion
The concerns identified here DO NOT mean that we are decentering nonhumans.
It is to the advantage of non humans to have more humans on board.
We need to do this for nonhumans.
 Patterns that reinforce oppression and work against non-human liberation: