Sign the Bill Here

We know this is just the beginning of this conversation, but this is a call towards finally working TOGETHER instead of ignoring the divide that already exists in the AR/Vegan movement.

We will not achieve nonhuman liberation without being aware of the human oppression that we also take part in.




Julia Feliz Brueck, Sanctuary Publishers
Meneka Repka
Carol J. Adams
Carolyn Bailey, Animal Rights Zone


And hopefully, you?


The names listed here are vegans from diverse communities that put their time and effort into this bill and want to make their name known as their own commitment towards implementing the bill within their activism, work, and daily life.
We welcome organizations, local groups, sanctuaries, restaurants, and anyone else invested in working towards nonhuman liberation to sign below in order to publicly commit to a vegan movement that is consistently anti-oppression to ensure that nonhuman animals are first and centered in their own movement:


Vittoria Lion
Karla Rosa Vargas, La Raza for Liberation
Winnie Kaur
The Black Vegan Queer Diaries
Margaret Robinson
Laura Broxson, National Animal Rights Association
KD Angle-Traegner, Your Daily Vegan
A.C. Baker
Michelle Carrera, Chilis on Wheels
Frankie Mouche, Queer Vegan
Rama Ganesan, Anti-Caste Vegan/Vegan Michiana
Starr Carrington, Fuel the People
Katia Muster, Disabled Vegan
Ryan Patey, T.O.F.U. Magazine
Andy Tabar & Paul Steller, The Bearded Vegans Podcast
Tim Barford, VegFest U.K.
The MicroSanctuary Movement
Triangle Chicken Advocates Sanctuary
Aryenish Birdie, Encompass
Marla Rose & John Beske, Vegan Street
Araceli Rodriguez, Woke Vegana
Rachel Jeanne Hipp, Sanctuary Moon 
Ginny Messina, The Vegan RD
Renee Pittams, Giving in Vegan Society
Chelsea Christine, Autistics for Animal Liberation
Daniela Zysk, The Vegan Rainbow Project
Big Sky Sanctuary


Comment below to add your own name (Click on “Hello World”).